Customer support
Welcome at our customer support.
1 Ordering
1.1 Can I only order through the shopweb?
Our modern shop is fully automated and will have your order processed quickly and accurate. If your needs differ from what is offered in the shop, please use the contactform. Our specialists will respond quickly. If you wish to receive a personal consultation please call: (0032) 03/7474710.

1.2 How can I cancel or change my order?
You can, by logging into your account: make changes to orders that have not yet been processed. If you would like to change after processing but before sending, then you should send a request by logging in and send a "ticket".
2 Delivery times
2.1 What is the expected day of delivery?
We supply almost our entire range from our own warehouse. What you ordered today, you can receive within 2 to 3 working days. Many of the orders are delivered by our own transportservice, in which case we confirm the date and estimated time of delivery. Do you need something urgently: please contact us first on delivery times.
2.2 Will I receive confirmation after ordering?
Yes, once your order is readyfor transport, you will receive a confirmation.
3 Transportation
3.1 How are orders delivered?
This depends on the order value, and whether you order as an individual or as a company. Very small orders or orders for addresses in very small communities are delivered by our carrier GLS. Larger orders to places where we go regularly are transported by our own transportservice. Private orders are sometimes sent to a store near to you, where you can pick it up. In this way you will not have to stay home for delivery and you can determine the time of collection. Orders for Luxembourg, France and the UK are always delivered by our carrier.
3.2 When will the consignment be offered?
If we arrange delivery by our own transportservice, you will receive an email from us regarding the delivery date and the expected time. Our carrier will deliver from monday till friday between 8 AM and 5 PM. If the shipment can not be handed out, it will be offered again. When delivered to a store, you can pick the day and time, taking into account the opening hours of the store?.

3.3 Where is your warehouse located?
Urinoirshop.be imports from various countries in Europe, Asia and America. These goods are stored in our warehouse in Rotterdam / the Netherlands. All our items are shipped from this warehouse. For our private clients, this means that they will benefit by lower tax rate in the Netherlands. For our business customers in het European Union this means that no VAT need to paid in advance, after verification of your VAT number your shipment is delivered free of VAT.
4 Discounts
4.1 I am wholesaler or large user, are volume discounts allowed by you?
Net prices in our shop are very low. Urinoirshop.be is an importer with exclusivity rights and delivers direct to the enduser. If you are a wholesaler or bulkuser with a wish for volume discounts, this is only possible by a contract in which you are obliged to buy a certain amount at a price that can fluctuate because of exchangerates (in U.S. dollar and British Pound). If you think you are interested please contact us using the contact form or call (0032) 03/7474710.

4.2 I have received a discount code, how can I use this?
In some cases (actions, introductory discounts, etc.), we grant you a discount code. This discount code entitles you to: a percentage discount or a discount amount. On your next order the discount code can be added to your shopping cart, the discount (amount or percentage) will be processed automatically. Important: a discount code has a valid date. After the expiry of that date, the right to a discount is lost. Some exceptions: if you lost your discount code,  you can contact us and ask for the code to be replaced, if you were not able to use the discount code in time, you can apply  for renewal by logging in to your account and submitting a "ticket".