Toilet paper 2 ply Coreless 36x900m

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Toilet paper 2 ply Coreless 36x900m

This toilet paper has no cardboard core on the inside of the roll. This fully utilizes the surface of the roll for toilet paper. When the roll is used up, there is no residual waste from the roll in the toilet area. This toilet paper is therefore very suitable for locations with high traffic.

The toilet paper is packed in a 36-roll foil. A roll contains 900 sheets of 2-layer toilet paper with a width of 9 cm.


In our webshop you will now only find a small part of our full range of paper. We would like to inform you personally about the advantages and disadvantages of the different species.


In our webshop we can of course, but to a limited extent, grant a discount when purchasing multiple products. If you become a regular HYSCON customer, we will make a fair and clear net price agreement with you that does justice to the number of products that you are planning to purchase each year. HYSCON is a flat organization with a high purchasing volume. All our customers benefit from the discounts that we negotiate with our manufacturers!

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